About us

We, the today’s art stamp company INTERTECNICA GMBH,
originate from the jewellery business of Mr. Ferdinand Hoffstätter out of the year 1818.
First-class craft quality and a complete range of orders, medals, badges, key rings and further promotion articles made of bronze, brass, copper as well as of gold and silver have distinguished ourselves for more than 100 years.


With our excellent skilled workers and up to day production techniques we are still today capable to offer you first-class
quality and best services for reasonable prices.
We produce exclusively as per order and we are, because of our experiences, capable to take into account any of your special wishes. We will help you with pleasure the production of drafts.


You will get a first impression on the following web pages. We are convinced that we will find pleasing solutions, also for your events, honours or jubilees.

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